I'm wondering if it would be worth it to make some kind of dupe-target post for these "how to install" posts. See:

Are these processes similar enough that we should have a canonical post explaining how to install software on elementary OS? Maybe we can come up with a generic process like:

  1. Check Software Center
  2. Look for a PPA (warning about how/why PPAs can be dangerous)
  3. Generic instructions/reference about building from source
  • I see your point. Especially all questions about apps that are directly available from default sources seem close-worthy (with linking to your mentionend canonical post). On the other hand the gedit question showed that there are more valid answers than apt-get install.
    – quassy
    Aug 2 '15 at 17:29

Some canonical questions about software installation would be a good thing. It's maybe a little early to know what the right scope is, unless you have prior experience from other elementary OS support channels. Getting the scope of canonical questions right is not always easy: if you make them too specialized, they're rarely applicable, but if you make them too broad, they tend to be messy, so you end up having to write tailored answers to more specific questions, because the canonical question question isn't clear enough.

From prior experience with other distributions, I can see several common questions:

This is just a list presented for discussion, please don't go and ask them serially.

Not every question on installing software fits in a generic mold. For example, How can I install VBox Guest Additions? is peculiar because the software is provided in an unusual way (through the host of the VM) and the installer has some oddities that make the most obvious way of running it fail. Another case that doesn't fit a generic mold is How to install Fish shell, because in addition to installing the program, there's the question of changing the user's login shell.

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