"Public Beta does not have a fixed duration"

But what are the specific requirements for this site to be out of "beta" stage?

A number of users maybe?


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You can view these requirements on Area 51.

While these won't definitely get you out of beta, they are things that are looked for. We are fine on the number of users, although a few more over 200 rep is required. We need a few more questions a day and a lot more answers.

  • Over a year past, and a lot of progress has been made, but the flow of low quality questions, low rep users and a lack of reviewers has meant we are still not there. We are only a few users away from having 150 users with 200+ rep though, so perhaps reviewing some questions and answers and upvoting good ones is an option to help us with all remaining problems. Commented Apr 10, 2018 at 16:09

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