We know that the system bumps questions as active so that unanswered questions might get attention again. But questions like this might not deserve the bump as it is for Freya, an older version we have way long ago. Installation/driver problems are probably solved on the later elementary/Ubuntu release.

Is this really an intended behavior?

  • I don't think we have many new questions, so I guess the painful answer is to answer them and get at least one up-vote for the answer. I mean the cheeky answer is "the problem is fixed in Loki+, consider upgrading your OS to the current version" That could warrant an upvote - then it wouldn't keep getting bumped. Apr 10, 2018 at 16:04

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The system doesn't care.

The criteria for bumping are:

posts eligible for bumping are those scoring >= 0 that have gone at least 30 days with no activity, have at least one non-deleted answer scoring 0 and none scoring more than that, and no accepted answer (also, they can't be locked or closed).

The system doesn't care if it's an old version.


I still love Freya and I can give you a good reason to keep the old posts. Consider Windows 95 and 98 - the fat32 format is still a stable and universal way to transfer between different operating systems. We use it on our pen drives. I had my first PC in 1997 and I literally tore it's insides out and went through agony to understand how it worked. When I eventually did some Microsoft training I felt the benefit. Freya has a lot of stability and is versatile and clean. It's always worth learning the basics of anything before moving onto the more complex variations.

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