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How can I set the newsletter to send me more current topics?

As it is now, my weekly elementaryos stackexchange newsletter sends me old, even ancient, questions/topics. For example, yesterday's n-letter (May 11, 2021) included "When will elementary OS Loki ...
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Possible bug in anonymous editing

I've used elementary OS before, but I wasn't really interested in creating an account here. I was browsing the new questions out of curiosity, and tried to edit typos out of the title of a question, ...
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Merge "networking" into "network"

This is a simple duplicate—overlaps in description and scope. (networking → network)
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Multiple questions regarding not working internet connection

I am not quite sure how the moderators can do that, but lots of users (including me) had problems with internet connection There is existing solution on AskUbuntu but I honestly do not know if it is ...
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What will happen if cast a high number of votes for about 10 days

I am trying to get some badges so I am up voting answers that previously helped me and down voting answers that are not very good. I have been casting about 40 votes for 3 days now and I am wondering ...
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privacy error when I click on meta link from help dropdown menu.

For other site meta (for example, AU) https is present. I am using google chrome. I got the privacy error when I click on meta link from help dropdown menu. But it is not showing any error when I ...
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my question was marked as duplicate but it is 2 months older

How can I install Intel HD Graphics proprietary drivers on elementary OS? How do I install the latest Intel Linux Graphics? why?
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Are only questions about elementary-developed software on-topic?

Just saw this question and Daniel's comment about voting for closing. That seemed like an on-topic question to me, since we can't be sure it's really a VLC bug without a little more information. And ...
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Updating the "What Questions are off-topic" Help Page

Forgive me if I missed the question but I did poke around. What questions are off-topic here? Obviously questions about Elementary's DM/WM (desktop-manager/Window Manager) and general desktop support ...
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